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We Make Estate Sales Easy

Here’s how we can help you with organizing an Arizona estate sale…
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You don't have time. We do!

Organizing a successful estate sale is a huge project. Even if you knew exactly what you were doing, it’s something you don’t have time for. Let us take care of everything while you focus on your other priorities.

Organizing your estate sale is emotionally challenging.

Whether you’re organizing an estate sale for yourself or a loved one, there are a lot of emotions involved. It can be tough to even get started, which is why you need a professional to help you.
frustrated couple holding boxes packing for estate sale
clothes being sold at estate sale

An estate sale is like a garage sale ... multiplied by 100!

We’re experts—let us handle it. If you’ve ever organized a garage sale, you know how much work it is. Organizing a successful estate sale is on a completely different level. Having a professional organize your sale will save you time, stress, and thousands of dollars.

Our Process

The #1 thing we hear from clients is that our estate sale process and the results we achieve are far beyond their expectations.
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Step One: Prep

Once you hire us for your project, the first step will be organization, merchandising, and researching. We know what’s going to sell (even if you think it’s trash) and because we’re not emotionally invested we can make this part of the process faster while making sure you get maximum value from each item. We check everything—every pants pocket, every container, even the pages of books for forgotten items. No stone is left unturned.

Step Two: Expert Pricing

Once everything is organized and we’ve decided what’s going be sold, we photograph every single item and price it to sell based on our years of experience. We create a fully organized inventory system for each sale to ensure everything is professionally organized and nothing slips through the cracks.

Step Three: Bringing the Buyers

Estate sales aren’t successful without buyers. We’re experts at advertising estate sales and have a list of Arizona-based buyers who we notify as soon as your sale goes live. This ensures that you will have the most successful sale possible and the most money in your pocket without delay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions. Here are some answers. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, contact us!

What do you sell for clients?

This is a very short list of the items we have sold:

  • From a 1969 Red Convertible Cadillac DeVille to a Van that wouldn’t start
  • Costume Jewelry to Gold, Silver and Diamonds
  • Clothing, Accessories, Shoes…
  • Food, Spices, Frozen Food, (not expired, with the exception of spices)
  • Vintage photos, vintage cards, vintage anything
  • IKEA to Neiman Marcus
  • Any kind of Arts and Crafts, Art Supplies, Office Supplies…
  • Books, CD’s, DVD’s, Cassettes and VHS, Albums
  • Electronics (working or not) Some folks like to tinker and it saves it from going to the dump
  • Furniture old, new, pristine to imperfect (upholstered furniture that is stained or torn or exposed to cigarette smoke typically does not sell)
  • Mattresses in good shape
  • Tools, Nuts & Bolts, Rags…
  • Kitchen anything
  • Bathroom items, sundries, shampoo, etc (new or used)
  • Linens, old and new, blankets, pillows, sheets, quilts, comforters, towels
  • Chemicals, Cleaning Products, Sundries (used and new)
  • Stuffed animals, toys, games
  • Frames, artwork, prints
  • China, crystal, glass
  • Collectibles, antiques, vintage yearbooks and so much more.

Please do not discard ANYTHING until you check with us first. Clients are amazed at what we can and have sold.

What do I need to do to prepare for your arrival?

Remove all personal paperwork, photos and anything that you choose to keep. (IF YOU ARE NOT IN A POSITION TO REMOVE THEM PRIOR TO OUR ARRIVAL THEN DESIGNATE A SPACE/ROOM IN HOME THAT WILL BE A “SAFE ZONE” Leave everything else where it is as we will organize everything.

Properly dispose of all prescription medicines and any other personal items. Dispose of all trash.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and all major credit and debit cards.

How much do you charge?

We take a small percentage based on sales volume. Once we know more about your project (schedule a free consultation) we will be able to give you a clear estimate.

How much time do you need to complete a sale?

Typically a week. Monday-Saturday from start to finish.