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Professional Estate Sale Organizers

If you’re interested in organizing an estate sale or simply shopping at an estate sale, Clutter Sweepers is where you want to be.

With years of experience, hundreds of successful sales, and our ability to get the job done quickly and with focus, we are rapidly becoming the trusted, go-to estate sale company in Arizona.

Call us today at 480.363.4575 or shoot us an email — We want to serve you.

Pam Mullavey Headshot - Owner Clutter Sweepers
Hi, I’m Pam, founder of Clutter Sweepers. I have decades of experience in management, interior design, merchandising, and sales for companies like Pottery Barn.

I’ve put the skills I’ve acquired in those areas to work building Clutter Sweepers and hosting the most successful estate sales in Arizona and I’m excited to help you next. If you’d like to speak with me directly, call me at 480-363-4575.